A Coin Mania App Review

Coin Mania is a new mobile application where in you can play addicting games like Plinko, Lucky Dice, Happy Scratch, 2048 Blitz and Jewel Quest. The concept is really simple. A couple of pluses and minuses are presented and you roll the gems to get the highest score. Nothing new, just simply re-skinned versions of other games. The original developer only took inspiration from existing games and added it under a single roof.

coin mania app review

Coin Mania has several games, all based on popular theme. The first one you should try is the Classic Games. These are games like Solitaire, Spades and Connect Four. These are easy and quick to pick up, plus you are constantly offered free bonus points that add up to your score. It’s like playing for free!

Coin Match is similar but instead of matching up coins you have to place your bids based on color and value of the gems. The highest bidder wins. This game requires some fast thinking and strategic thinking to outwit the computer. You move from square to square and have to determine how you bid without going bankrupt.

Coin Squeeze is another game with the same concept. And again, it’s free. You start off by selecting random colors and trying to squeeze all your gems onto the board so that the highest bid wins. Once you’ve squeezed everything in you must wait till the clock strikes twelve before you can do it all again. If you manage to squeeze them all in you win! Simple!

The final game, called Showtime, is quite challenging and entertaining. You’re a jewel thief in a heist movie. You need to make quick choices while you move from room to room stealing jewelery, while avoiding guards that will try to stop you.

The controls are simple. You click on coins when you are certain they are worth money. The game comes complete with animated figures and a bonus feature that shows you how many times each space in the board has been filled. Coin Mania: Deluxe is available for Nintendo Wii, iPhone and more.

There are a few other similar games as well, such as Jewel Mania: Heroes of the Seven Seas, where you must accumulate as much jewels as possible and line them up to form an arch. Or Marble Fever, where your objective is to line the bottom row up with the bottom row of tiles. Another game called Candyland lets you eat trees and candy. The graphics are not as detailed or colorful as those in Mega Man and Pac Man, but they are still fun.

As you see, the coin mania app can be fun and addictive. Each coin has a value based on its color and number of edges. However, the real fun is in collecting all the coins and using them in combination to build up your mania meter. You can spend real money to purchase new weapons to destroy your opponents, or just play the game for hours for your pure enjoyment.

Your mania meter is based on how many coins you have collected. Once your mania meter has reached a certain level, you earn a prize. Prizes include toys, clothing items, stamps, and much more.

The goal of the game is to collect all the coins and become the richest man or woman on the island. Unlike other games, you can purchase weapons and armors to use against your opponents. Once you have amassed a sufficient number of weapons, you can challenge other players to a fight in order to claim the prize from them. After winning, you gain all the coins and items won in the game as well. You also have the option to purchase special items after you have earned enough points.

The rules of the game are simple and easy to understand. You start out by selecting a island where you want to play. Then, collect gold coins while you battle opponents who are after them. Once you have mastered the game, you will be given the option to trade or sell your coins.

This mania app is one that is similar to that of a casino. In order to win, you have to pay attention to the coin values that are displayed on screen. If you pay too little for a coin, it is not worth much, while if you pay too much it is a waste of money. So, it is important to find out which is the proper value of a particular coin in order to make sure you are getting the most out of your investment. This is an excellent way to increase your coin collection and have fun along the way.