A Look at the QKits Testimonials

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A Look at the QKits Testimonials

This is a QKIP ( quiz, kite, and puzzles for kids) review covering the innovative interactive curriculum developed by Thomas and Betz. Thomas and Betz have taken the best of the ideas from educational video games to give children real education and fun at home. Parents can play an active role in their child’s learning through this innovative program. In this QKIP review I will discuss some of the features of this unique curriculum.

The biggest feature of the QKIP program is the game-based instruction. Chinese students enjoy the game-based instruction because it makes the learning more fun and interesting. Students like to interact with others using flashcards. They also enjoy using the chat function to communicate with their peers. All of these activities make it a fun environment to learn with.

The second most important feature of the QKIP is the ability to bring the English language into the classroom. In China English is only used to impart knowledge about the country and its culture. With the help of the qkids online teaching platform teachers can introduce students to the English language using the context of the country and its people. Students who are fluent in English can communicate with their peers using this interactive program. It is a win-win situation for teachers and students!

Many teachers are impressed with how effective the QKIP is at engaging their students. During the first session teachers were able to see how well the kids understood the material. When they were given the opportunity to take a test in the testing center, they all passed with flying colors!

After the first session, the parents were excited to find out that there was a free trial and recruitment process. I didn’t have any questions about this. I already knew that there was an intensive training component involved. That is why I didn’t look at the recruitment process as an advantage of the qkids. In my opinion the recruitment process may be disadvantageous since there will be at least six hours of classroom teaching involved before the kids complete the course.

The second thing I looked at in the QKIP was the background check. Many teachers are concerned about the company’s ability to provide adequate support after the course is complete. Even though there is a six-month contract with the company you still want to make sure that you will be provided support throughout the entire process.

One of the things I learned from the qkids review is that there is no cap on the number of credits that a student can learn. A teacher can request up to twelve units of qkids per class. They have an average class size of fifteen to sixteen students. There is no cap on the number of time credits can be completed.

The third thing that was found in the qkid review that worried me the most was the pay plan. The pay plan is based upon the Chinese Beating Handicapped Scholarship. The scholarship pays for your time and effort as a teacher and then some. This might be a real catch for some of our local teachers and it certainly would be attractive for those looking to supplement their China Teaching salaries. I am not sure how much our local pay will fluctuate based on the Beijing time table, but it might be something to consider when trying to determine if this could be an option for our school.

The fourth issue that was covered in the qkid review was the recruitment process. In most cases the recruitment process is very simple. You just send your resume and cover letter to the qkids teachers and you should receive an email response. The email will also have a link that you should click on to register for your demo classes.

The fifth issue that was covered in the qkid review is the testing process and the quality of education that you will receive. The process is not too difficult. Most qkids teachers are very friendly and it should be easy for you to get along with your fellow classmates during the six-month contract period.

The final thing to take away from the qkid review is the bonuses. While there are many ways to make money as a teacher aside from just taking online classes the qkid program has one of the easiest to understand plans in the industry. They also give out bonuses for new members which is another reason why people continue to join. If you are willing to work for less than forty hours a week you can easily earn a six-figure salary with the qkids program. With all these benefits it is easy to see how people become successful with qkids.