Credit Card Fraud – Features and Point Systems

The feature points scam has been around for years. However, it is still alive and well in the credit card and charge card industries. This scam has two characteristics that make it difficult to be recognized. The first characteristic is that the company behind the feature points scam will advertise themselves as a legitimate company. They may advertise themselves as a bank or an insurance company.

featurepoints scam

The second characteristic is that they will often use a certain “tactic” when advertising themselves. A prime example of this would be the feature points being advertised as an advantage that you can use to secure a lower interest rate on your credit card. Of course, if you didn’t know anything about interest rates, this could be a great way to lower your rate. However, most people who are being scammed by these companies don’t realize that they have any sort of advantage to them. Therefore, they fall victim to the fraud.

There are many ways that this feature fraud happens. A lot of the fraudulent activity that is done online. Online fraudsters buy a membership to a site that offers feature points and charge it to your credit card. If you have this type of credit card, you will receive an email saying that you can earn 5 percent points or more by spending a certain amount of money. The only thing is that you are not actually shopping or using any credit card at all.

In other words, they are selling the bogus feature points to you. You may have no idea what you are paying for. You might even think that you are buying something of great value. If you check out the website, though, you find that they are selling items such as clothes and electronics. When you check your statement, you might find that they are fake.

Some companies use this kind of credit card to load bogus charges onto your account. You are then billed when you try to make a claim. Many times, you are hit with a number of phone calls trying to get you to pay for something that you did not buy. They also often target individuals who have poor credit histories.

People are becoming wise to the scam, though. It’s become less of a factor of if they will use your card, but more of if they will actually use your card. This is because some credit card companies have implemented an effective feature points-free option. This option allows you to purchase items with your regular credit card and never pay any feature points.

Some people try to avoid getting this type of card. However, they should realize that this is a huge risk. They could easily land themselves in deep credit card debt. They do not have to take this risk if they are careful. Before you decide to go with a particular credit card company, make sure to check their fraud statistics. A company that frequently gets fraud is probably not a good choice.

If you’re a person that regularly gets these type of cards, you may want to think about switching to a card with no feature points at all. A no-charge card may be just the thing to get you back on track and out of debt. However, you should still closely examine all the details of any credit card offers, including those with no feature points.

Even if you aren’t worried about feature points, you should still make sure to carefully read any fine print in any credit card offer. There may be some hidden fees or charges that you will need to pay. Keep in mind that there are different types of fees for each card and some are annual while others are per month. Be sure to read everything very well to avoid being taken advantage of.

You should also keep in mind that it is usually illegal to sell your credit card information to anyone over the phone. Scammers are also notorious for using the telephone to con people. Therefore, if you receive a phone call about applying for a credit card, you should hang up the phone and block that number. Any legitimate credit card company will not contact you over the phone. There is always a customer service number that you can call to find out more about a card.

One of the best ways to avoid being scammed by dishonest companies is to become educated. Educate yourself about all the features that a particular credit card has and find out everything you can about each feature. Do some research so you can make an informed decision. There are many different kinds of features out there and you should be able to choose one that suits your needs perfectly. Do not let anything stand in the way of making an educated decision.