Is AnswerPoint Review Scam? Find Out What This Program is All About

answerpoints review scam legit

Is AnswerPoint Review Scam? Find Out What This Program is All About

If you’re looking for a way to earn money online, try an answerpoint review scam legit. The answerpoint is an online marketing method that has been around for years but it’s just gaining popularity recently. A review site is where people can write reviews about products and services they have bought and experienced. People can leave their honest review of the item and others will read it and see if it’s good or bad for them. If the review is good they might write an answer to it and this is where the idea comes from.

So how does this scam work? There are so many sites out there online. But one site stands out because it is the only one that I have found that pays cash to people who write great reviews. The others don’t pay because they don’t get many visitors or they haven’t done their job yet.

To find one you need to do a simple search online and that’s not hard to do. You need to type in keywords such as legit, review etc and that should take you to page one or two of results. Then you should look at the site itself. Is it a well known name?

It is if it is on the first page of Google and other search engines. If it is on the first page then you know it’s legit. But if you want to be even more sure then check out forums and blogs about the product. People will be talking about it and there should be plenty of evidence that it exists online.

Another way to tell that the answerpoint is a scam is if you are asked for any payment to join the site. The answerpoint is free to join and it costs absolutely nothing to read the answers. If a website requires you to make a payment before you can access the answers then it’s scam. Or even better if they give you a free gift when you order the guide. That’s too good to be true I’m sure.

There are two problem areas with the answerpoint review sites. The first problem area is that a lot of them are actually phishing sites. Phishing is where a website touts a free gift only for you to have to buy some type of bogus software or tool. When you enter your credit card number you are likely to see pop up ads that promise to help fix your computer. But in actuality what they are doing is stealing your personal information. Once they have your personal information they can get any type of credit or money from your bank account.

The other problem area is that not a lot of people are aware that answerpoint is a scam. Most online marketers like to promote their online business as if it were a high making money opportunity. But in the case of answerpoint there is no money in it because it’s an online service. So people don’t know that it’s a scam.

In my opinion the best way to make money is to promote something that is already working and proven to work. That’s where an answerpoint review service would be valuable. If you can promote an answerpoint service that people are making money with then I guarantee that you will not see many people promoting an alternative opportunity. So there is no point in promoting this opportunity as it is not going to make you money. However, if you can get a free copy of the software and use it correctly then maybe you could make a couple hundred dollars. If you want to get into affiliate marketing then check out the official site below.