Review of My Working Hour, a Work at Home Job

myworkinghour review

Review of My Working Hour, a Work at Home Job

MyWorkingHour is a business model which has been used by many affiliates to generate substantial income. Affiliates use it in order to earn affiliate commissions on sales made directly through the program. You can earn up to 10 per click with MyWorking Hour, and pay nothing until the first sale is made. This means that you will be making money even while you are away from your computer! What does this mean for you as an affiliate?

First of all, there is a red flag when it comes to using the My Working Hour business model. The main problem with this affiliate program is that they require you to refer members to join before they give them any commission. What this means is that if you don’t make money online with MyWorking Hour, you are essentially wasting your time and money generating a red flag for the program. In fact, if you don’t refer enough people to earn the right amount of commissions, you could end up losing money instead of earning it.

Another red flag regarding My Working Hour is that they require that you refer members to get paid. Although not requiring you to refer members directly, they still require a referral link to be submitted on your website or blog. This can present problems if your website isn’t as popular as you’d like it to be. For instance, if you submit your link to a popular blog, the blog may quickly remove the link. This means that you will have wasted time and money generating a red flag for the program!

So what should you look for in a blogging business? The key is to find a niche market that is already in existence. MyWorking Hour reviews show that My Working Hour is best suited for people who are ready to make money online on the internet right now. However, if you are willing to become a My Reporting member for a month or longer, you can then become a My Referring member and be eligible for making money while working from home. You can do this until you build a large enough blog network that you can quit your job.

When My Reporting first launched, the My Working Hour business model was totally bogus. They offered to give bloggers one affiliate commission for every referral that they made, along with the standard one 10 per click. In a few months, this completely bogus affiliate business model was completely dismissed by other blogging business models.

Now, there are some other affiliate marketing programs that offer the same “one click program” that My Reporting used to offer. You can use ClickBank to get started in affiliate marketing with My Working Hour. Just be aware that My Working Hour has never had any affiliate programs pulled from their system. So, you may want to start your new online blog or website with ClickBank since they have a great reputation for paying bloggers who refer others to their site. (ClickBank also has a great tracking system to keep track of your earnings.)

Another “hot” affiliate marketing program that is currently popular is Wealthy Affiliate. This particular program pays you when someone clicks on your affiliate link and proceeds to make a purchase. You earn commissions based on the sale price as well as your “profit”. This is another legitimate affiliate marketing program that you can earn residual income from.

As you can see from this My Working Hour review, it is not impossible to work from home writing or running a blog/site. If you’re tired of your job or want something better, I recommend looking into affiliate marketing programs like My Working Hour or Wealthy Affiliate. Not only will you earn money through these programs, you will also build a network of potential clients that you can later promote to. All in all, you can make a living online if you do the work to get started. Good luck!