Winkel Play Daily App Review – Does it Live Up to Its Name?

Winkel Play is a mobile application where you could play trivia games, free games and win big jackpots for a chance to win actual cash.

The application gives out free daily puzzles, scratchers and weekly raffles for your chances to win real money.

As you play, new virtual items will be given to you so that you could accumulate virtual dollars, silver or even tickets.

If the virtual jackpot prize is not won on the day of the sweepstakes/lotto draw, you are allowed to keep it until the next day when you could win again.

With this application, you could actually earn some money if you play frequently.

What is Winkel Play Daily?

This application contains various games including trivia games, word and math games, arcade games, skill games and arcade puzzles.

In addition, the application gives users the option to win exciting drawings and sweepstakes every day.

Moreover, this application also features sports games that you could play while you are staying at home.

You are given the option to play all types of games without having to install any mobile gaming console.

The iPhone version of this application is not only limited to being a trivia game but also a scratcher and a lottery game.

Apart from these features, the iPhone version of the winkel play daily app gives users the option to purchase tickets for free from sweepstakes and lotto syndicates featured on the application.

Users who purchase tickets for free will also be eligible to win special prizes. So, it is your lucky day!

To make things interesting, there is also a news section where you could get the latest information about sweepstakes and lotto.

Moreover, to add to the fun, there is a’contestants’ area that allows you to interact with other players who have an intention of joining in the competition.

How Does Winkel Play Daily Work?

If you could be that lucky person who wins, then you would be entitled to receive gifts from the winners as well. That is why, winning is not that tough in Winkel Play Daily App.

However, the bad part is that when the game is over, you still have to submit your scores.

This is not really a big problem because you have the option to ‘cancel’ your game if you want to. The review says that even this can be done easily if you are playing on the PC version.

With that said, let us look at some of the challenges that could be faced while playing the game on the iPhone.

It has been noticed that the design of the interface is not as nice as the one seen on the PC version.

This could be a problem especially for those who are using iPhone as their mobile phone for playing the game.

You could also say that it could be a hindrance for winning. What is more, the interface could feel a little messy at times.

The developers of the Winkel Play daily app had tried to address the problems pointed out by the users of the app but they did not manage to iron out any of the negative issues.

In the end, the app ended up confusing a lot of people as it forced them to constantly switch from one game to another.

Some people even ended up quitting because they got confused!

However, this negative aspect does not reflect the entire view of the game.

In fact, this game gives users the chance to enjoy playing with friends and family members at the same time.

The options are not limited as you can connect with other players online.

Winkel Play also promises daily updates for the next several weeks!

The reviews suggest that once you get hooked on to this addictive game, you will find yourself hooked on playing it all the day long!